• Karen Driscoll

My Musings: Thank, God, I'm Single!

I’ve never been in a long-term, committed relationship. I’ve dated people exclusively but I’ve never technically been a girlfriend. For many years, I considered my singleness to be a deficit. I thought it signaled an inherit weakness or flaw.

Recently, I had an epiphany. My singleness has actually been one of my greatest blessings. I’ve grown A LOT over the years. Learning how to adult, confronting my insecurities, and learning to love all of me. It took me some time to feel the weight of my worth and realize “I’m 100% that b*tch” (shoutout Lizzo). It was a messy, sometimes painful, yet beautiful process.

My growth probably would have taken a different form if I had been partnered. And who knows if a relationship would have stood up to the woman I’ve become. Not to mention the damage I could have caused a partner as I’m figuring my shit out. While I’ll never have it all figured out (life is a journey), I am grateful that I’ve been able to learn about myself without having to consider how it might impact someone else. I’m free to change, grow, and evolve without any attachments and that feels good. I’m confident that my singleness has also prepared me for the woman I wish to become in the future: a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and an all around bad b*tch!

When I think back over the years and take stock of the woman I am, I can’t help but think, “Thank, God, I’m single!” For now. If you’ve ever felt less than because you’re single, I hope you know that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. There’s nothing wrong with you, so find the joy in rocking solo dolo!


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