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How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Broddy & Steph's New Orleans Wedding

Broderick and Stephanie (better known as Broddy and Steph) have the same level of cool as Barack and Michelle. They match the fly of our forever first family -- only 20 years younger. They share a classic love story. The night was January 3, 2014. The setting was Washington, D.C. Steph, a New Orleans native, made a pit stop in D.C. before heading back to New York City for graduate school. Broddy, born and bred in California, returned to D.C. after spending the holidays on the West Coast (aka the best coast). At the invitation of a mutual friend, Broddy joined Steph and her crew at Marvin’s, a local hot spot with a rooftop. Excited to catch up with her friends, Steph didn’t pay Broddy much attention after their initial introduction. It wasn’t until the gang headed over to Matchbox for a late night snack that her interest really peaked. With better lighting and a few more libations, Steph got a better look at Broddy and thought, “Who is you? You real cute.” The two sat next to each other, talked, and had an instant connection. Things continued on the up and up as Broddy and Steph hit Patty Boom Boom and danced the night away.

Food was the first order of business the next morning. So the couple tried a new breakfast spot in Georgetown. After surveying the menu, Broddy placed his order first: eggs over easy, bacon, and a bloody mary. This sealed the deal for Steph. That was her favorite breakfast too! Steph knew Broddy was special. Let’s be real, rarely, do you find a Black man that enjoys his eggs over easy and a bloody mary. As a culture, we like our steaks well done and our eggs fried hard - NO runny yoke. Clearly, these two were a little more cultured than the rest of us. And to top it off, a couple days later, Steph invited Broddy over for gumbo. Like potato salad, you can’t trust everybody’s gumbo. But Steph’s was a standout. That’s when Broddy also knew that this could be something special.

Why did Broddy and Steph choose each other? Steph says the process of writing vows for their wedding helped her answer this question easily. She shares, “not only do Broddy and I get along really well but he also compliments me in a lot of ways. He’s more of the outgoing, social person while I’m much more quiet and to myself. That works for us in social settings. He has an infectious smile and a laugh that lights up the room. He knows how to have a good time. But most importantly, I appreciate that he loves me for who I am. I am the girl with no filter. I burp and fart and he handles it like a champ. I can be my authentic self.”

Broddy shares, “Steph’s patience and positivity stands out the most. She sees me having fun and she wants to do it too. She’s very inspiring. I can get stressed out easily due to personal or professional matters. But she doesn’t sweat the small stuff. It’s a blessing to have someone in my life that wants to see me do well and grow in the things I enjoy.”

While as cool as Barack and Michelle, Steph and Broddy are sure not to sugar coat their relationship or give an illusion of perfection. Having been together five years, they have worked through a few tough times. Communication is one challenge they’ve had to intentionally work on and seek therapy about. Broddy and Steph moved in together after dating 3 months so it was difficult to blend their lives so quickly. Often times in relationships, we believe that things will fall into place with little effort. But Broddy and Steph have learned that it takes intention to get better and grow. They say therapy helped them grow together. They have learned to apologize quickly and move forward. Furthermore, Broddy says that he’s found a Black male therapist he can relate to. He says the key to success is treating therapy like education. Your therapist is someone you’re learning from much like a professor. If you come to class empty handed and ill prepared, then you get nothing from the course. The same is true for therapy. Therefore, Broddy comes to each of his sessions prepared with an agenda, ready to open up, and have a structured conversation. This is a useful template for healthy relationships. Show up ready to give the best that you have.

Broddy and Steph have also put aside traditional gender roles, particularly when it comes to the man paying for everything. From day one, the two have agreed to split expenses equally. They have an equal opportunity relationship.

Broddy and Steph say having fun is the greatest joy of their relationship. From nights out on the town to baecations on the beach, Broddy and Steph make it a point to enjoy life as a couple and with their families. Both families have an amazing bond and in true New Orleans fashion, Steph says Broddy’s family added more flavor to the gumbo.

Broddy and Steph are a great example of a couple that has followed their instincts and created a life that works for them. When it comes to relationships, they encourage everyone, especially millennials, to go with your gut and enjoy life!


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