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For the Love of Twitter

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Social media has a way of making you feel like you know people - Twitter made Eduardo feel like he really knew Vera way before he ever met her in-person. Vera’s tweets on criminal justice reform and Crohn’s Disease seemed highly relatable to Eduardo, who followed her and liked many of her thoughts summed up in 140 characters. As fate would have it, Eduardo and Vera lived close to each other in Washington, D.C. and one day, Eduardo saw Vera on the metro. Too shy to say hello, he slid in her DMs with the obvious precursor, “I realize this is creepy but...did I just see you on the green line train?” In true crime-tv style, Vera responded, “Did I look like I was going to murder a Nats fan?” Boom, sparks flew! After that, Eduardo strategically boarded the green line train in hopes of catching another glimpse of Vera.

One weekend in December, Vera and Eduardo’s Twitter fingers turned to a warm embrace. Vera’s roommate was out of town and she felt uncharacteristically bold. She invited Eduardo over, who was also armed with an extra dose of bravery thanks to some encouragement from his friends. Vera’s invitation came with two conditions: 1. Don’t judge the dishes in the sink (cuz we all got them); and 2. Be ok with the (not so) vicious pit bull she just adopted. Eduardo quickly accepted. He braved the bitter December cold on his bike and arrived to her place with cake pops, bubbly rosé, and more friendly refreshments. The two hit it off over a marathon of Parks and Rec. Eduardo even won over her dog, Sage Noir McBiscuit!

Days later, Eduardo wanted to prove to Vera that he was interested in more than just Netflix and chill. So, knowing all about her favorite things via Twitter, he arranged a proper, romantic date. It included dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with great paella, a bouquet of roses, and Eduardo dressed in a snazzy pea coat.

Eduardo and Vera were nearly inseparable after that. In fact, shortly thereafter, Eduardo took Vera to Puerto Rico to meet his family. It didn’t take long for his family to love her as much as he did, especially his mother. Vera left a special impression with Eduardo’s mother when she gifted her a hand written card thanking her for bringing Eduardo into the world. What a move! We all know the way to a man’s forever is through his mother.

So why did Eduardo and Vera choose each other? Vera shares, “I chose Eduardo because he’s hilarious and attentive. He knows what I need even when I’m not able to articulate it. He gets me in a way that no one else does. And he cares about our furry creatures as much as I do. He’s everything I could ask for - in a person, in a friend, in a lover. I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s the sweetest man I’ve ever met and I feel so lucky that I get to say he’s mine.”

Eduardo shares, “I chose Vera because even if I had attempted to conceal anything about my true self from her, she would see right through it. I never needed to hide from her. I could share my ugliest scars, deepest fears, and insecurities and she’s always seen me as a person worthy of love. A person worthy enough to be a good partner. To be that vulnerable is priceless. More importantly, I always felt like I had a home with her, even when we were living with roommates. I never had that feeling before. We were building a family together although it only included my cat and her adopted pit bull. I knew I had found something many people go their entire life without encountering. ”

While Vera and Eduardo have a happy home, their relationship (like all relationships) has not been without its challenges. The couple would not be headed down the aisle next year if they did not challenge one another to examine their mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression. Prior to meeting one another, both Eduardo and Vera experienced toxic relationships. It wasn’t until they started dating that they both sought therapy. In therapy, they unpacked their unhealthy tendencies and learned how to have honest exchanges. They put in the work so that they could be kind to each other.

Having put in real work for their emotional health, Vera and Eduardo say that everyday is a joy in their relationship. They enjoy lazy Sundays curled up on the couch with their pets between them. For Eduardo, it’s a sense of family that he hasn’t felt since he was a kid in Puerto Rico.

Before their nuptials, Vera and Eduardo have sage advice for other millennials looking for love. Eduardo challenges us to dig a little deeper by sharing, “you can be really hurt in dating and loving someone. But you have to be willing to show someone who you really are. Bare your scars and be vulnerable.” On a lighter but balanced note, Vera say’s “forget the bullshit line that says, ‘smile because you never know who’s watching’. I have never ridden the metro without my resting bitch face and I still found the love of my life.”


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