• Karen Driscoll

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Photo Credit: Erin Fabio Photography

Online dating can often feel like the lottery. You’re hoping to hit it big but you’re just not sure the odds are in your favor. However, sometimes it’s as easy as swiping right. This was true for Ryan and Evan, who met on Tinder. Before Tinder, Ryan remembered previously seeing Evan’s picture on Facebook since the two share mutual friends. That night, with the right amount of liquid courage (read: a copious amount of alcohol), Ryan sent Evan a friend request. The next morning, when his sober mind prevailed, Ryan quickly deleted the request realizing the two didn’t actually know each other.

As fate and Tinder’s algorithm would have it, the two matched and sparks flew. Ryan and Evan had an immediate connection. They talked everyday for a month before ever having their first date. With such a strong connection, why’d it take the two so long to meet? Ryan was home recovering from an accident. He was hit by a car as a pedestrian. As Ryan recalls, “I was vulnerable and felt damaged. I met Evan when I wasn’t at my best and it didn’t phase him. He was accommodating and thoughtful.” Evan was so accommodating, in fact, that he planned their first date at a park near Ryan’s apartment. They enjoyed a picnic in the park for 3 hours! Their time together felt so effortless and it’s this natural connection that has sustained their relationship over time.

Why did Ryan and Evan choose each other? Evan says, “Not only does he have the best smile in the world, but I recognized that Ryan was one of the most genuine people I’d ever met. He views the world in a way more people should. He’s so well-intentioned in the way he treats people and approaches situations. Ryan enjoys life and doesn’t take things too seriously, which is uncommon in a place like DC. He prioritizes what’s important and focuses on the right things in life like family and friends.”

Ryan shares, “I chose Evan because I know he has a good heart. I know his intentions are in a good place. He’s confident, understanding, and patient. He’s a really really good spirit and I could tell early on that this was a rare kind of person. We’ve dated for a long time and he made me feel comfortable being 100% myself. He gave me confidence to be me. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Ryan and Evan found comfort with each other. Ryan says he made a decision to be authentic and that’s what makes their relationship unique. Like a good Sunday morning, things are easy between the two. They’ve experienced an immense amount of joy because they accept their partner for who they are. For them, the most sustainable and loving relationships are those you don’t have to work so hard on.

As comfortable as they’ve been with one another, Ryan and Evan say they still have to work at being vulnerable. The ease of their relationship has helped them show vulnerability but they continue to find ways to be more open with each other and put it all on the table. They’ve built trust with one another based on the belief that their partner’s intentions are good. They believe that what they say to each other is genuine with no hidden meaning.

Ryan and Evan are proof that 1) you can hit the lottery dating online; and 2) authenticity and good intentions can make relationships easy. Many of us don’t have the courage to remove our masks and let another person see who we really are, flaws and all. Ryan and Evan found that courage. The two will marry in November and I’m certain the comfort they’ve found will carry them into a lifetime of bliss.


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