I'm Karen and I love LOVE.

Look at the latest cover of Cosmo magazine or tweets from your favorite relationship guru and you’ll see we are bombarded with relationship advice on how to get a man, woman, or person to love us. No diss to these magazines or so called “relationship experts” but I believe something different. Finding love is not a scienceFinding love is an art.


Art gives us the opportunity to know something that we can’t explain in words. Love and relationships are similar. It starts with a feeling, a connection, a spark, an intrigue. Each story of love is different and unique and cannot be replicated. This blog is dedicated to exploring the art of love. Here I'll share stories of why people choose one another. I'll tell stories that are fun, heartfelt, and inspiring. Stories that developed at first sight and stories that developed over the course of 20 years. By reading these stories, I hope that you are inspired in your quest for love.


Welcome to the Art of Getting Chose!

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